simpler star kolangal design for the auspicious day

People of Tamilnadu, Andhra, Karnataka favors drawing kolam on the temple, wedding place, occasion event and also front of their homes. Here we have six Star Kolam Rangoli pattern picture which you can draw your own kolam in the exterior of your residence. above easier pattern have dots with star symbol ,same model modified different… Read More »

Four little Star kolam sketch

The star or Constellation nearest to globe is the surya, We can see small and simple stars in the night sky when the surya bhagavan goes down. constellation give out warmness and also light because they are very heat. we make mini star kolangal today or friday, see below small four star images available for… Read More »

Small Kuruvi Kolam Designs | Birds Rangoli design

Birds may be of different sizes, small and big, Birds are closely connected with the atmosphere. Birds have beautiful wings and soft feathers. They eat vegetable fruits, seed and insects, birds are also called in tamil Kuruvi. Easy birds kolam rangoli 10 * 10 pulli birds muggulu with dots images small kuruvi kolam kuruvi kolam… Read More »

Design of Rangoli Peacock | Mayil Kolam

Peacock is one of the most wonders to see. Here you can see the mayil (peacock rangoli) kolam poduvathu eppadi, it simple download and practice your hand. peacock rangoli designs mayil is a beautiful bird. mayil are real of art as its feather itself represents that. mayil is a symbol of beauty. peacock is our… Read More »

Dotted Simple Butterfly Rangoli Pattern with Dots

Kolam Rangoli is interesting drawings performed on particular events such as Pongal, Diwali and other festivals. They look bright and make the Rangoli Kolam see radiant. They carry various kinds of objects and decoration. It is not only design but is also a form of Indian creativity artwork, it holds a very special status of… Read More »

Easy Butterfly kolam designs with dots | Butterfly Rangoli Designs

Butterfly have two pairs of simple wings that are covered with tiny scales, usually diffrent brightly colored pattern, widely known insects, this post teach to make the easy butterfly rangoli designg,view below the images you well understand step by step guide for create butterfly rngoli kolam, this page have two very simple kolam one 8… Read More »

without dots Rangoli kolam designs with flowers patterns

lovely rangoli kolam design free download there are available at social media and search engines that design prepared easy to complex , although you can get a fancy idea from these flower design to create your own hand made a flower without dots rangoli kolam pattern. besides smooth flower pictures is very natural, you just… Read More »

Margali Tamil Pulli rangoli Kolangal designs

Tamil Margali is considered to be a holy month in southern India. It is special month for the Hindu people, It includes many festivals and events. totally margali is considered to be a godly month. The devotees get up early in the morning and after bathe, go to front of their home and sketch the… Read More »

Best rangoli kolam designs free download

Welcome to our website kolam xyz, we post Daily Rangoli kolam Designs and various type of simple rangoli design beautiful rangoli kolam designs free download flower leaves rangoli kolam designs competition this pattern is best and very simple for drawing with colorful

New rangoli kolangal design |Prema sathiyan

Kolangal also known as mugulu or Rangoli, is a fancy home design, which is an integral part of Indian state of tamilnadu, kerala, karnataka . It is a cute art work, It is a symbol of loveliness and offers a welcome . this kolangal design Everyday is drawn by women in the house below see… Read More »