7 Pulli Kolangal with Dots

All residences are decorated with this beautiful kolam with dots design, Generally speaking, kolangal or pulli kolangal very popularly during special occasions of Friday and Tuesday. South Indian desire pulli Vacha kolam form because making it easy, Tamil kolangal a unique art which is followed all over Tamilnadu. There is various type of seven pulli kolam, especially, flower,kambi and rangoli decorations. All designs are used to create sharp pictures on the apartment grounds. Here is a group of Attractive seven dots Kolam pictures outline, which you can try at your beautiful hand.

7 pulli kolangal

The first 7 pulli kolam with dots and easy flower design for you, this image show you six bud and center place have small flower design and there outside have star neli line.

7 pulli kolam design

7 dots kolam with 6 pulli corner design image center point have double color shape with semi circle pattern.

kolangal 7 pulli

This simple 7 pulli kolam image gifted by Chandan and pandidurai from tamilnadu

7 pulli kolam collection

same the 7-1 dots kolangal but different shape reflect the flower bud with leaves.

The reason for using pulli (dots) is giving make it easy and appeared the design very cute. In these days white color powder is used for pulli this is easier to apply and the kolam are brighter great finished but we used pencil carbon dots for teaching the drawing this type of simple kolam.

7 dots kolam
7 pulli flower kolam

This muggulu designs with 7 dots kolam are suitable if you are seeing for festivities and events. The pulli Vacha kolam are shown through simple traditional vilakku figure.

7 * 7 kolam design

7 pulli 7 varisai kolangal with dots image reflect you pillar pattern this pulli kolam have yalu by yalu pulli vatcha easy kolangal, this design is very useful to pillayar Chaturthi pooja festival day.