Beautiful kolam design doesn’t have to be hard,see this 10 images

Handsome creatures are those which we never get tired of by observing. If I see at a beautiful kolam design with dots, it fulfills me with happiness. Who doesn’t love these beautiful pictures? Every Women exchange hints of beautiful kolam design, wonderful design is all nearby us in various looks and patterns. We have the fair white design, butterfly, kuruvi, mayil, and rangolikolam and also the festival kolammugulu and video in its mixed but memorable beauty.

beautiful kolam designs

Beautiful basket of flowers kolamdots design have six basket fill with colorful bloom, This beautiful images creation is made by my friend Selvi from Tamil Nadu, South India. Thought, devotion, and creativity the main elements that go into the creation of each picture from the choice of design to the finishing techniques dots.

Decorative Pot with single pookolam design

beautiful kolam with dots

Graceful ragolikolam design with dots

Delightful kolam pattern with lamp

beautiful rangoli kolam

Lotus Pretty /beautifulkolam design image

White color Elegant kolam design : How to get this beautiful mugulu, you start with simple flower bloom line shape and then again draw small semi-round at each corner of it then the same pattern line draws each corner but the lightly big size.

This Kolam design is made by using stone powder and is gaily highlight by using a yellow color at the before end of the design. You want to begin this design by drawing a small beautiful star shape figure in the center and then making big size semi-rounded leaves on the four sides of the center shape.

beautiful kolam design

Good looking small kolam design

beautiful kolam image

Malar pattern Graceful kolam picture with dots

beautiful kolam pictures

Beautiful kolam with dots, centere line have nine dots, next line represent six dots than five dots, three dots, finally show only one dots. I trust you enjoyed these beautiful rangoli and images, picture. if you have very little time type your beautiful word about this rangoli design and also send yr hand made fair muggulu with dots must.