Top 6 deepam rangoli kolam for karthigai deepam festival

This year you are going to see the carnival again; this is our most beloved celebration of karthigai deepam. Our home doorsteps, window, and Pooja room sufficiently cover with karthiga vilakku and also Tamil festival is considered one of the most important of all since We have given new forms of beautiful karthigai deepam kolam and deepam rangoli karthigai to commemorate and fulfill important aspects of the karthika festival.

  1. special karthigai deepam rangoli kolangal

A lotus vilakku flower shape and fill them with attractive side effect color powder than Colourful karthigai rangoli sets in the center of the design and also create a two big size leaves in the below rangoli . besides that, you can put a small dots with double color in deepam side by side corner.

beautiful karthigai deepam rangoli kolam design

2. very simple deepam rangoli kolams design

This rangoli kolam design with vilakku in all like-hood uses all the material of karthigai flowers, light and two bird draw a simple floral with leaves, fill in two compilation color design, now you can put it in the center simple rangoli deepam

latest karthigai deepam rangoli kolangal

3. New rangoli kolam for karthigai deepam celebaration with small dot

The bring out of this beautiful design is wherewith brings a different lamp and combines two curves. Paint the decorations separately starting from the karthigai rangoli deepam in the center. fill with as different colors you want but we recommend you use simple green red and yellow.

easy rangoli for karthigai deepam
super karthigai deepam kolam designs