Easy mattu pongal kolam | simple and single cow rangoli photos

The farmers worship the cattle that helped them. That day is called cow Pongal. Every year, this wonderful festival is celebrated on the third day of Pongal, The significance of this festival is to clean the cows and their homes and offer prayers to the cattle.on this auspicious day, every woman makes a beautiful mattu Pongal kolam, madu means bull so it is called bull kolams or cow rangoli, we are giving here special latest and easy model rangoli kolangal with pot, sugarcane image, easy cow kolam, and also available village easy madu Pongal rangoli.

rangoli for mattu pongal

Thai pongal paanai with mattu pongal kolam image have one big lotus flower and leaves this images very useful for pongal festival drawing and wishes for relatives and friends

easy mattu pongal kolam designs

The above cow kolam for mattu pongal create by my close friend thiru Gandhimathi mam, the design have single white color special cow and single sugarcane with a beautiful sweet pot with tamil pongal wishes.

jallikattu rangoli kolam for mattu pongal

Madurai jallikattu mattupongal rangoli kolam designs creator gandhimathi, A festival called Jallikattu is held in Madurai area, tirunelveli, coimbatore and more place on this day. but the village jallikattu famous in madurai , gifts are attached to the neck of the cow which the Tamil youngers try to catch.

simple and easy mattu pongal kolam with dots

13 pulli mattu pongal kolam with dots designs picture have four cow every direction and simple flower appear in center, especially pongal pot decorated with small line design

rangoli kolam for mattu pongal images

Keep Pongal with these interesting and artistic designs at your home. Take inspiration from kolam.xyz collection and make the illumination of these rangolimuggulu to your house this holiday. small and easy mattu pongal rangoli kolangal have floral with two sweet-cane and one single cow rangoli with pongal paanai image.

Kolam 2020 is a model of lines and dots. a traditional society representation created in every home as favorable seasons Tamilnadu, Andhra, and Karnataka. It is also known as rangoli in Maharastra. These vivid decorations and ideas are popularly made in Tamil Nadu during Thai Pongal.

the cow festival of Pongal which intimates the origin of the Thai Masam is reflected in the most propitious month and also identified this celebration in Telugu people state Sankranti. The four days of holiday marks every house, village, apartment, and offices decorated with the great Pongal kolam. Usually made in various color powder. hai, friends make this cow Pongal kolam extra beautiful, I hope this top mattu Pongal rangoli favorable for you.

This picture is also excellent rangoli mattu pongal kolam of the festival and an offering to each cow. It is an artistic creation with flower bracts and one simple cow.

Tamil mattu pongal jallikattu festivals are mainly very popular in madurai and north and south tamilnadu during day tamil womens make this mattu image. Each festival addresses our customs, traditional values, legends, culture, historical events and the birth of the mattu pongal and happy happy pongal. see more cow pongal kolam poduvathu eppadi and cow pongal kolam memes