How To Draw Rangoli Kolam Teach by SwarnaVasi

Rangoli Artist Swarna Vasi describes how to draw the most beautiful rangoli kolam only four dots see below the step by step ideas and make a super rangoli kolam design today! You will draw a rangoli after seeing these patterns because every step is very simply defined since a small child will make this design an especial more Tamil friends asked Tamil Rangoli kolam poduvathu yappadi, This lesson will be very useful for them.OK, guys, you can start rangoli drawing on paper and send it to our kolam XYZ group inbox.

We will show you how to design this below simple form

rangoli kolam poduvathu eppadi tamilil

First, you need to line up four big points, and then look at the outline of these four dots then connect each of the dot see the below example idea image

simple rangoli kolam poduvathu eppadi

after connect the each of the points then look the rangoli 5 dot box appeared after continue to draw a single vertical and horizontal line of the inner box Check out the idea below

How To Draw kolam rangoli designs

Now draw the lotus flower on each corner of the box, When the fourth step is over, take a look at your handmade rangoli

How To Draw kolam

A little line half-circle draw on the side of this flower and connect to all flowers

How To Draw Rangoli

the final touching of the rangoli drawing now you can fill your choice colors or flower petals

How To Draw Rangoli Kolam

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we hope these steps make it more relaxed for beginners and complete a pattern without any obstacle in painting kolam rangoli