Best kolam design simple with top color village pattern

lovely latest Kolam design is very simple forms and surely you will try to home, get the great picture results. This design matches the pulli and without dot manner but the designs and shapes are no confusion. hand made flower, leaves and many other patterns are designed by perfectly respected prema Sathiyan

kolam pattern

design of kolam
peacock kolam design

four corner direction blue color flower with small shape leaves.

simple kolam shape
very simple kolam

three big leaves with three small flower pattern, single line goes to outward direction with dots symbol

latest kolam design
latest kolam design

the cute newest two leaves kolam shape with white color and have this desin very very small leaves with full stop dot, centre shape have four rings with small star pink color

very easy kolam design
easy kolam pattern

I think all of this simple model pictures you liked and you will try this kolam designs your home. besides, send wonderful creations rangoli or kolam to our site.

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