Small Kolam Rangoli Design decorate the entrance of the house

Here you will see how to draw small kolam rangoli shapes and how to decorate them further by applying the same rules to your kolam small rangoli drawings. There will be some tips on each design. If you follow these steps, you will be able to paint a rangoli with no experience. All pictures earlier filled with colored If you want to change the color change it own way. Here you can find all of the expected patterns with and without pulli. this beautiful arrangement makes a circle design, bird design, and flower design.

Small Design 1 :-

small kolam

This one little kolam design is enough to decorate our home everyday and it is perfect matching for margazhi month design

Small Design 2 :-

small kolam design

Try it for yourself and let us know your opinion on this form. This kolam small rangoli is just one example of the not need for a larger format.

Small Design 3 :-

small kolam rangoli design

You want to create a petite kolam design with flower but the flowers are very high. The design you need, try this rangoli and get your wish fulfilled.

Small Design 4 :-

small kolam designs

For those of you who want to create small design on the door of your home, these small size kolam designs are for you.

Small Design 6 :-

small sikku kolam designs

The month of markali most popular of these mini sikku kolangal designs is the form drawn by facebook and youtube friends

Small Design 7 :-

small kolam designs for apartments

This kolangal is the right design for margali month. the above image has little curves and small rangoli designs kolangal without point half circled with floral and some line of the different shape shows the outside.

Small Design 8 :-

small padi kolam design

A kolam little has been taken to make a super white kolamrangoli. The design is quite small and also has lotus padi leaves in the middle. There is another shape of small padi kolangal used on the outer side.

Small Design 9 :-

small kolam for friday

The external measly designs are embellished in white pen and adorn rangoli for Friday, while the inner star is covered with multiple neli flowers and flower petals.

Small Design 10 :-

small kambi kolam designs with dots

The little designs collection which marks the commencement of the kolangal rangoli of India festival of every special day season. it a useful daily artwork. The seven days of entertainment see every step of an apartment decorated with the traditionally teeny kolam, Commonly make within vellai podi easily available anywhere, the various slight rangoli designs create different shapes.

Small Design 11 :-

latest small kolam design

a beauty that is rangoli representation of our home. You draw it accurate and clear, You don’t need much time to draw the small picture.

Small Design 12 :-

new small kolam

We hope that these cute little sikku designs and their detailed illustrations inspired you to analyze one for yourself. You should be amazed by the simple identity connected with the common small size designs.

Small Design 13 :

small kolam without dots

It is widely preferred by small color Rangoli designs with five points or six or seven points, but this simple design will give you a small work.

Small Design 14 :-

small star color kolam

little star rangoli pattern

Small Design 15 :-

small white kolam design

Mini kolams image

Small Design 16 :-

rangoli kolam small

rangoli kolams easy image

Small Design 17 :-

small poo kolangal

sinna poo design rangoli

Small Design 18 :-

small kolam for beginners

kutty kolams for beginner

Small Design 19 :-

small vilakku kolam rangoli designs

vilakku kolangal mini design pic

Small Design 20 :-

small kolam designs picture

design kolangal kutty

Small Design 21 :-

chinna kolam rangoli

very little rangoli kolangal

Small Design 22 :-

simple kolangal rangoli

Small Design 23 :-

small birds kolam

chinna bird image rangoli have four bird in every corner place

Small Design 24 :-

small poo kolam with dots

sinna rose kolangal

Small Design 25 :-

small neli kolam designs

We end up the tiny model idea. this all pic specifically sketched for all rangolis beginners and check out here more image collection Padi kolangal, Neli kolangal, Star kolangal, bird kolangal, Sikku kolangal, rangoli kolangal, Colour kolangal, Kambi kolangal, picture kolangal, pulli kolangal, kolangal book, pdf file, Sangu design, Bird design, 7 dot design, 5 dot design, Maavu pattern, Mayil image, Ther design, Thursday kolangal, Freehand design, maa design and 4 dot design Remarkable of these tips can use for all days during random & regular events.The first part of your house is the entrance. The first reception of relation is always the best designs, and the enhanced rangoli front door reflects the personality of your home. Delicately made shapes and flowers give the reception room an elegant charm.