Kutty Kolam designs with dots | kutti images

There are a variety of designs to decorate the entrance on a daily basis. Some of the kutty or kutti kolam designs are for you. The small gallery of easy design that I draw at the door opening the place and most of them are tiny and suitable to be drawn at the way of a house, college, school temple and extra. I have given you good design as long as I can. if you send us your artwork by you will.
I have put various color kolam and frequently appear for u white Kutty kolam designs, this post reflect does not fill with colours. Because, they are approximately mild designs, only the images with dots are displayed everywhere.

  1. Kutti flower design with combination of color line.

2. Freehand kutty kolam or sikku design with dots- five dots, three dot, and a single dot.

3. kutti rangoli kolam you can try it with perfect straight line when appear for very beautiful, this shape create in laptop so show very accurately.

kutti kolam picture

4. Sikku- kutti kolam have total thirteen dots with combination of white freehand lines.

5. Awesome kutti leaf with easy star shape .

6. Neli kutti kolam with pulli images.

7. Single floral pattern with color

8. kutti rangoli shape with red color outline.

kutty rangoli

9. wonderful easy kolam picture outline with different freehand line.

kutti flower koam

10. Kutty floral or kutti flower pictures are widely used in kolam and also called poo kolam in Tamil and pookalam in Kerala. poo design very popular during festivals like Pongal and Onam. poo have ethical and religious importance and are also reflected to be favorable.

kutty kolam rangoli

11. Kutty kolam shiva lingam, the ice lingam very popular all over the globe and more than enthusiasts go to amaranth, Kashmir yearly to have a view of it. It formed every year in the wintertime.

kutty kolam

12. Remarkable kutty rangoli outline design and auspicious kolam

kutti kolam images