New year kolam 2020 with dots step by step rangoli images

The idea of ​​drawing kolam or rangoli new shapes on the new year day,Have seen so many different videos, but can’t draw Rangoli and kolam? You are most welcome this simple and easy guide

  1. Beginner start new step by step dots

Hai everyone starter for drawing new kolam model first you can see the below the image, this dot image is your good guidelines than make a dot straight and serialy. welcome this morning new day you can put 18 dots two line straight than reduce one dot for each upper and down lines, you can do that next see the second new step

2. we are make this model designs for coming new year, this kolam have total eighteen dot, each dot connected beautifully happy new year words, 2020, twelve deepam and simple flower

new year kolam with dots 2020

3. Third teaching for Beginner new model new year kolam with dots step by step

Once you have made the above said dots, look at this design and draw your hand initially write happy and 2020 word in vertical than draw vertically a simple flower model and write new year text messge. than let start connect each point ie per vilaku have eight point dots , the single vilaku connected to below the model of two vilakku design totally dots covered thirty one dots okay beginner lets see next steps

beginner new year kolam with dots step by step

4. the following New year rangoli kolam with dots step by step

we believe that you can finish the first and third step now let draw the next step same model vilaku draw on paper this This way you should draw half the shape of kolam see the kolam image

new year kolam with dots step by step

5. Three quarters new year kolam with dots 2020

This early morning time, you complete the kolam format at 75%, This method is useful for you. In this new year 2020 , send us your ideas for more help to every beginner model designer. you need more dotted simple design watch regularly here. and all kolam xyz fans wish you happy new year to you and your family members.