Pongal Kolam With Dots Step By Step | Easy panai Rangoli

On these wonderful days, women compose Rangoli in front of their lovely house and then pongalitu and then worship all god. more people are abruptly drawing a kolam design but they need supplementary tips or support to enhance their designs. at the same time, some gentlewomen not done. If you are one of those don’t know how to draw a pongal kolam with dots, you have one simple idea to make a pongal 2020 kolam. But you also need to know how to make the dots so we show to here about how to make a simple and easy pongal kolam with dots step by step.

Especially, you try on a miniature piece of paper and then on the floor of your house, collect the required easy available material ie, a pencil, a small piece of white paper, and one eraser.You need to make a point, especially in a straight line, then start a drawing a kolam curves

  1. Make a 15 Dots for pongal kolam designs

2. You will get this pattern after learning pongal kolam with dots step by step

pongal kolam with dots step by step

3. see the first pongal kolam with dot image then you create a fifteen pulli then next reduce the a single dot and after same decrease the dot lastly you get the only one single dot .

special this kolam with dots have a vilakku and pongal paanai design let start the make the kolam with pongal design, Now see the below picture and make a your choise the pongal sankaranthi festival beautiful rangoli

simple pongal kolam step

4. The above method should be drawn back to the points given in its opposite side of dots totally you hand drawing on paper covered with 19 pulli After that you will get simple pongal vilakku designs.

easy pongal kolam step by step

5. Now that you have painted half the pongal kolam with dot step shape, you need to draw the important shapes pongal panai see below

pongal pot kolam with dots step by step

see more step by step pongal pulli kolam

  1. pongal panai kolam with dots step by step
  2. pongal 2020 kolam step by step
  3. pongal rangoli with dot step by step
  4. pulli kolam for pongal step by step
  5. Sankaranti Muggulu with dots step by step

6. This is final pongal or Sankaranthi step here