Special Pongal Kolam 2020 and Best Rangoli Designs

The traditional festival in Tamil Nadu is also called Sankardhi in Telangana, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Rice, sugarcane, and banana crops are cultivated in all agricultural areas. The day when people first worship the sun god after the harvest of the field is called pongal festival.
The south Indian people make homemade color powder for making beautiful pongal kolam than create new kolam patterns in their front of the house and then celebrate happy pongal. Here, we have presented a variety of designs to enhance your pongal rangoli artistry.

The festival comes in January, and it gives more happy to meet with family and relative. The Pongal pot kolangal design is a part of this entertainment. try one best your different design to beautify place with this kolams manner.

new pongal kolam 2019

New wonderful kolam art created this year 2019, this pattern shows a 4 pot white Pongal and a 4 pot sugar Pongal rangoli and rice. The kolam picture looks very colorful with sparkling blue and yellow, white and light brown. The combined use of colors presents the image fair.

simple pongal kolam

Rounded shape design in the middle of the picture wood-burning stove, two small pot over the stove, this simple Pongal kolams with dots gives a real impression to relation entering your house.

rangoli kolam designs with colours for Pongal

happy word design rangoli kolam designs with colours for Pongal have flowers and paanai it is welcome to God Indira and goddess Laxmi bless the family on this day.

peacock pongal kolam 2019 with dots

peacock kolam for pongal festival with dots is beautiful with its bright national bird with a floral basic pattern. This simple design makes the holiday extra vivid.

small kolam designs with dots for pongal

The small kolam designs with dots for pongal which you can try on Pongal event, the freehand and countless beautiful picture for mattu pongal festival. You can try this simple design at the early morning time.

simple and latest pongal rangoli 2019 kolam designs

This pongal kolam images For those who ask how to draw rangoli or pongal paanai kolam poduvathu eppadi. The lively red border colors used in this form present it extra beautiful. Use the free download option.

The latest rice boiling pot with sweet and turmeric kolam with dots rangoli design which is most suitable for kolam competition. you use this type of freehand sikku design with a beautiful coloured line with various color.

Pongal small rangoli design with the face of the Sun. Pongal has been introduced to the east with solar faces. Rangoli has very easy colors. a simple way described the traditional Tamil Pongal celebration.

mattu pongal kolam

The design is perfect for the occasion ofthanksgiving day, mattu Pongal is celebrated by the Tamils ​​on the day of Thanksgiving to all livestock.

how to draw pongal kolam

this image teach to you how to draw pongal kolam design simple for coming Thanksgiving harvest festival day.

This beautiful Pongal rangoli simple is pictured with sugarcane and beautifully crafted with colorful mango leaves

This simple kolam Pongal rangoli describes a ceremony practiced on the next day of celebration. Place the rice steamed pot on the banana leaf along with the sugar cane, vegetables, coconut, and banana. The new design reflects the ritual is performed in thanksgiving to the sun god.

The pongal kolangal that are created as a role of the Tamil cultural festival, traditionally draw the various designs of the colorful pongal kolangal at the entrance of temple, houses, offices, and apartment, decorating any place.
The celebration that is generally observed across all over India, but with various styles, Telugu and Karnataka talking people called it Sankranti festival, and Tamil speaking people call it pongal. These designs are useful for sankranthi and pongal celebartion and I hope this all sankranthi rangoli design improve your art idea.