pongal paanai kolam Rangoli designs with dots step by step

Today most of the utensils that people use are made from a variety of metals. Is it best to cook in these utensils? No! Metals are not perfect for cooking food. Why did our ancestor’s Tamil people use pottery? It is good for the body.
Growing civilization has forgotten them. A few villagers in Tamil Nadu still cook food in pottery( Pongal paanai). The ceramics handcraft is so weak who do this have shifted to another job due to lack of sales.
Every Tamil people buy a pot and a cane at the harvest festival, Pongal dishes are cooked with mud pots. Tamil people bought this pot a week ago and decorate it very nicely. It will look great.
An important pot kolam art show! women paint the beautiful rangoli in the form of a pot pattern and also The lovely rangoli design is getting appreciation, many types of Pongal pot kolangal Rangoli available here for harvest festival Pongal.

pongal panai kolam

The above pongal paanai kolam have one single pot design ,two peacock birds, sugar cane and one big size lotus flower design. You can draw this form in a very simple way first make a shape with dots 10 X 10 than connect the each of point and then give a perfect matching color

pongal pot kolam design with dots

pongal paanai kolangal

This harvest pongal pot kolangal have four panai, kuthu villaku, small home image and eight sugarcane design. further each of pot internally decorate a small rangoli design. we are recommended it is the best design for pongal kolam competition. the following kolam design show a step by step guide especially have a one or more dot.

single pongal pot kolam with dots

A flower is a pot pongal kolam on top of it and two sugarcane cross it also center point have round sun shape it is called simple and easy pot rangoli for this harvest season.

Three paanai pongal kolam design with dots have villaku, karumpu, paddy and sun

Sankranthi paanai rangoli image paintings Sankranthi is observed in 2019 January month, it is a harvest festival and people enhance their homes with Pongal kolam, make Sankranthi pot rice food and worship the sun god. Pongal kolam is ordinarily prepared with rice flour. pot Pongal kolangal competitions are held annually to encourage the Karnataka Andhra and Tamil people. All participating in these rangoli contests. We have added beautiful Pongal pot kolam for your motivation, Decorate your Apartments with these Cute Pongal pot kolam rangoli designs with dots during carnival day.