Pongal pot kolam with dots step by step images,pictures design

Harvest Pongal or Sankranti 2020, All the women decorate traditional a Pongal Pot Kolam or pongal pot rangoli in their homes and also create school and college gates, and these pots are decorated with sugarcane, cow, flower, and peacock colorful theme design. Creating a kolam Design is a significant part of the festival, but everyone needs image is simple and new, so we are offering here the most modern ideas, such as 21 dot, 15 dots, 17 dots, 11 dot and 10 dots. Let’s start by picking your favorite Pongal pot kolam with dots design.

  1. 10 x 10 pulli kolam for pongal festival this dot kolam have ten by ten straight line dot this all dots together make a pongal pot design, a small deepam, paddy, and flower
pot pulli kolam for pongal with dots

2. 11 x 1 line pulli kolam have center a suriyan symbol and around covered with four number pot the below the pot have flower leaves and above arise a paddy leaves.

pongal pot kolam images with dots unique

3. The above pongal pot have 4 design pot with simple flower half pattern and also center dot point show sun rays

simple and easy pongal pot rangoli designs with dots

4 . peacock pongal pot kolam designs with sugarcane and small flower you can try first drawing in blank paper sheet then draw to your home entrance place, this is very beautiful rangoli and also if you like use to any pongal festival day competition i hope this images surly get first prize

trendy pongal pot rangoli designs with dots

5. 13 x 13 dot draw it vertical and horizontal this model is latest 2020 pongal pot kolam with pulli about this pattern have deepam, little flower, sun,and beautiful decorated pongal sankaranthi paanai.

pulli vacha rangoli pongal pot with flower kolam

6. you can try 2020 new model simple pongal pot kolam designs with picture Women will design the Rangoli at the Pongal Festival, so Pongal Dot Kollam would be a good choice to create creativity during the farmers day of Pongal season. I have painted it here with four pots and medium flower simple pongal kolangal.

pongal paanai rangoli kolam with dots

7. This kolam drawn by selvi kathir. This image can be helpful for you to design the big kolamrangoli during the Pongal festival day or mattu ponngal day. Pongal Pot rangoli with dots step by step can be done by family relatives or friends in your village. The four paanai, kuthuvilakku and karunbu and sun can give a glamorous look on the apartment and house, you can try with the help of your mother or sister.

pongal 2020 pot rangoli with dots

8. An easy pongal pot and sugarcane kolam with dots will definitely attract the attention of all the relatives who come to your home to find the Pongal. With the quote Happy Pongal or Pongalo Pongal, you can inform the recipient of your choices next to the door pot design. Try this design with the help of mixed color.

9. specifically Tamil, Karnataka, Andhra and Kerala women well know how to draw pongal or sankaranthi pot with sugarcane, this images drawn by Ms Annapushpam and also give step by step dot explain in coming harvest festival day you can try this special day kolam.

new pongal pot kolam with dots

pongal pot kolam rangoli designs with dots

10. This is pongal pot and sugarcane kolam with dots It is a beautiful design of village women. This is 15-1 dots interlaced Pongal kolam. six-sugarcane and 6 paanai with flower give an cute happy look for design. You can give different unique colors with white border.

11. karnataga and Tamil women love to decorate their home with pongal pot kolam rangoli designs with dots 21. girl love to draw and decorating paanai with their family . each year, Pongal Competitions are held in chennai,trichy, Coimbatore, Tirunelveli, Salem, erode, Madurai for young and old people. This opportunities gives women the express their art work. this all type of kolam very useful for their craft theme work.

12. the special 9-3 dot Pongal kolam rangoli designs with images which you can try on sankaranthi and Pongal celebration, these are freehand drawing and most wonderful designs of rangoli kolam for mattu Pongal festival.

beautiful pongal pot kolam with dots  step by step

13. The beautiful pencil sketch of this design makes it the best kolam for Pongal and muggulu for the Telugu Sankranthi festival celebration. and the kolam,muggulu sweet pot has special birds and sugarcane. suppose you can try these designs use perfect color for the pot. The center pulli a blank area you will try a flower and leaves which spread towards the corners of the pot. This design is easy and simple and makes a big circular shape outer theme that gives more attractive forms. The small floral designs are done around the double circle. The design is a pushover yet great way to traditional ceremony the farmers harvest festival.

All four festivals are celebrated in the same month, ie. kanum festival, cow festivals, folk festivals, competetion and more. However, Tamil Pongal is celebrated all over the world, irrespective of one’s race, creed, caste, origin and other differences so we are creat this special type of pot kolam for pongal celebartion and also see more kolam images with 21 dots and 15 dots