30 Best pongal rangoli kolam and pongal muggulu designs

Pongal Rangoli Kolam :- The pongal festival is celebrated in the friendly neighboring states of Karnataka, Telangana, and Andhra in the name of Sankranti. Even if the name different but the celebration of the traditional event is the same, Overall this is a farmer carnival or thanksgiving day. Pongal rangoli show a significant role in this delightful holiday. The first thing that comes to the minds of south Indian women at the Bhogi pongal and Sankaranti day is Rangoli kolam and sankranti Muggulu. Here i provided all the beautiful rangoli for pongal with dots and image galleries. Below you will find peacock, flower, pot, cow and many other designs.

Rangoli Muggulu 1 :-

pongal rangoli designs with dots

The Pongal, Sankara festival has numerous aspects of culture. The carnival describes the worship of the Southern people. The festivity is celebrated wherever the Tamil people live.
On this day before worship, people furnish their homes with ikolam, muggulu and all kinds of vegetable and turmeric leaves, then they create a sweet pot sankaranthi and then worship the harvest god sun. the above pongal rangoli designs with dots 11 x 11 design image gifted by friend selvikathir from tamilnadu chennai.

see below second easy design with kite and paanai and paddy leaves

Rangoli Muggulu 2 :-

simple pongal rangoli design

simple Muggulu pongal rangoli kolam designs with interlaced dots 9 x1 connect to the forms of a big flower, one single pot, one green sugarcane, kite, sun, much small poo, and happy bhogi-pongal text.

Rangoli Muggulu 3 :-

pongal pot rangoli designs

This traditional rangoli kolam describes a festival observed on Thaipongal. Baked rice is boiled in a decorated clay pot and then prayed to when the sun appears in the sky. One or more sugarcane plant stands around the near pot.you can try this ideas the best sugarcane and pot designs rangoli for pongal and sankaranthi 2020 celebration. first make kolam with 15 – 1 dots then draw the design with help of this design.

Rangoli Muggulu 4 :-

rangoli for pongal 2020

A variety of forms will be required to highlight this festival because sankranthi pongal is a four-day-long summer holiday observed in the southern state. This Harvest festivity is a traditional occasion to thank nature. Tamil New Year Celebration which begins with pongal. about this small kolam rangoli with 10-1 dots design represent one big paanai, 4 sugarcane, 2 deepam, 2 kite and two small flower.

Rangoli Muggulu 5 :-

new rangoli designs 2020 for pongal

Harvest festival commonly celebrated all over the world at the same time as the year 2020, but with different names. Kerala and Kannada language speaking people call it magar Sankranti. Srilanka, Malaysia, and Singapore Tamil people call Thaipongal. This elegant kolam rangoli has attached to the popular pot ones but also added a 11 dots. The rice pongal ceremony is represented with the peacock in the background and the pongal muggulu rangoli has been gracefully adorn paddy leaves and flower.

Rangoli Muggulu 6 :-

rangoli designs for sankranthi 2020

A special theme to do at the festival more colorful. This rangoli design for Pongal does do not need a bundle of colors, it just requires some shades to get beautiful kolam.

select these beautiful designs for the Pongal. advance congratulate you obtaining the first prize the rangoli kolam contests and also always touch with kolam XYZ website and special Pongal rangolis freely download it. Make your happy pongal colorful and joy with this rangoli image.

Rangoli Muggulu 7 :-

pongal rangoli kolam 2020

Telugu people beautify their houses with Sankranthi Pongal muggulu designs. Pongal rangoli is commonly fulfilled in many separate colors. Pongal Kolam rangoli contests are held 2020 at Madurai, Chennai, Trichy, and more places in Tamilnadu. this pulli kolam we have combined rangoli pot with dots beautiful Sankranthi for your residence decoration, adorn your apartment with this beautiful rangolis during the farmer festival.

Rangoli Muggulu 8 :-

pongal paanai rangoli

If you find for pongal rangoli 2020 that can be draw with very simple step by step required then you can select the above easy design the unique pot and kutthu vilakku rangoli that we gift free for you. It is create with pulli of kolam.

Rangoli Muggulu 9:-

special pongal rangoli

9 pulli pongal ranoli muggulu image dots interconnect the 6 paanai, 6 deepam and center have flower curves. A beautiful photo, the pottery lights design is so beautiful. great a happy pongal rangoli kolam.

Rangoli Muggulu 10 :-

pongal muggulu designs

This rangoli designs has flower covered around a big size pot, background show a sugarcane, half size sun and this forms are very essential for Pongal celebration. This one is a great rangoli designs for pongal. It is actually have 9 x 5 dots due to easy to create quickly but you can try any paper first then draw to home entrance place.

Rangoli Muggulu 11 :-

pongal rangoli kolam

super double touch pot with perfect pongal rangoli designs with dots colors. It reflects the original Pongal kolam image designs behind this festival creation.

Here end the dots rangoli and than start without dots rangoli for sankaranthi , this below all designs images created by rangoli artiest SWARNA VASI.

pongal muggulu designs create by swarna mam from Andhra Hyderabad. the rangoli have one beautiful pot with below lotus flower and upper direction reflect cane and more kite , sun appeared in center place

Pongal Muggulu designs and Pongal Kolam Rangoli images

A simple colorful natural energetic rangoli design for Pongal and sankranthi. It is an effortless design to create. It will make the house resemble more beautiful and more radiant.

pot rangoli

save and use this pongal muggulu kolam as your 2020 Pongal rangoli for competitions in your place. a pot of Rangoli muggulu, is beautifully prepared and the colors are just perfect. The eyes of the beholder will be pleased.

The simple kite rangoli design made by finger without dots and you can also add your choice object in it. The design here is entirely based on an easy and simple pot and kite. since only white rice powder is used.

white pongal rangoli sankaranthi design based on andhra and karnataka model kolam.

very easy and simple latest rangoli image with festival object designs.

rangoli for mattupongal natural kolam you can find here more kolam for pongal2020 and sankaranthi second day celebration designs.

new rangoli designs 2020 for pongal have one semi circle inner place showed paddy seeds and outer lines have kutty-kutty flower and side corner show a pot background image is kite.

The pongal rangoli show by peacock, Chariot, lotus, sun and auspicious materials are banana, kumkum. creating a large selection of color powder. You can make your own changes using more colors and shapes added it.

beautiful rangoli for sankranthi celebration. it is a very natural field rangolis have happy sankarathi slogan, kite, coconut and etc.

white pongal rangoli with diya decorated very beautifully and the pot well designed curves with zig zag pattern

simple and Big sun with pot rice 7 sucarcane 6 kite rangoli muggulu cow rangoli.

Bull with kite and village designs happy Sankranthi rangoli muggulu kolam.

you have seen all varieties special traditional forms in this collection. every woman likes small designs because that is an easy and simple draw method explained with dots through so we first preference give to pulli design because we published first pulli design then without design. here published all designs mainly reflect festival-related objects similarly Pongal festival related to the farmer, paddy, natural, south culture, cow, kite, pot, plants, sun, field, flower, peacock, diya and sugarcane .so we are planned make this all designs reflect the above-mentioned objects.