Pullikolam simple designs with Easy steps by steps

Pullikolam easy designs collection this all kolam with pulli drawn by selvikathir she has one beautiful video channel name is sv kolangal watch this channel you can get more different type of kolam and rangoli video visit one time best of luck and also she has given here simple pattern design look below…


pulli kolam is a beautiful easy pattern that most tamil women make at the entrance of their little home steps in the morning. kolangal created for everyday use is simple. Only in cases, they create very beautiful designs during festival time that take a lot of time. kolampulli is usually made by starting with a pulli (tamil meaning pulli or pullikal).

simple pullikolam
pullikolam simple

The above pulli design is normally reflect a god siva and aove the image small flower, generally the design that begin a pulli from one pulli and ends in another. You can also have very good pullrangoli designs send to our site we are publish it freely. Try above these patterns on Friday if you are a beginner download this images and try it everyday!!.

birds pullikolam
rose pullikolam

The above two kolam represents rose and birds, pulli is very important for this design and south Indian women like to create these type of designs. Give it a sparkling touch by using easy colors with bold color border. pack the colors as you like and you will see that the final result is wonderful.

There is usually a lot of science and thought behind the forms, You must have seen many designs on the south end of their house. the design is made from pure white flour or white rock powder.A 5 pullikolam is a traditional form of the Tamil people and it is necessary to follow the rules that one must follow to create the kolams. When you look at the pulli with kolam, you can see that there is a lot of variation in all the designs, but you have to look at it carefully and try it own.

very very easiest pullirangoli image i hope this all design very help to all and also if u like this type of simple pullirangoli please share it

Hai!! designs fan watch here more type of collection with simple steps kolam and also if you good kolam or rangoli designers send your design our simple rangoli kolam group and also publish here…..