How to learn rangoli drawing design photo with color

Rangoli is one of the best designs. Each one of us has some kind of interests in life. Likewise, I enjoy pencil sketch kolam and draw simple rangoli picture because of draw quiet art and always fun. Drawing our unique fun, We present more motivation for drawing. It does not consume your time, it is an excellent soul art, today get you sharp pencil and start to sketch rangoli kolam. I continue to do my best to keep my hobbies up and meaningful, I studied rangoli it personally and later got inspired by my friend’s social network group, a few concepts get through pdf book containing different types of rangoli sketches. I always know everything from online books photo like flowers, peacock, animals, festival design, dots and without dot design. nowadays my idea developed step by steps and still update on paper and upload for viewers.

drawing rangoli on paper

Rangoli pattern has now become the most essential part. Every day I upload my design and sketch with my page because they are very useful for a new creator and always encourage them. My biggest influence is, and they always encourage each rangoli designer. But most of the times we are unable to take out full time due to housework and maintain the children. I take some time to improve my sketch every day.

simple rangoli drawing

This beautiful rangoli reveals seven lamp designs and inner line side flower form

drawing rangoil sketch

The Rangoli at the center shape is a star design and the outside shape is a polygon. At the end of this rangoli, the leaf of the tree is given.

rangoli drawing

Drawing Rangoli design

The rangoli picture painted with green color the image of joker man

drawing rangoli picture

the rangoli drawing represent flower bud design

rangoli drawing image
drawing simple rangoli
drawing rangoli outline

Easy drawing rangoli for kids, represent this picture vilakku with eggplant pattern.

drawing pencil rangoli

New type of rangoli drawing show the sympol of karthikayan vel

rangoli drawing god

This photo shows Shiva Lingam painting

this picture show monkey kolam rangoli painting

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