Sankranthi Muggulu Designs With Dots And Easy Flowers Rangoli

The hand-carved design is just that of chukkala muggulu, all the ideas given here painted by our model kolam designing artist Selvi and Gomathisoundarrajan Pillai These carnival theme sankranthi muggulu designs display all the Andhra Pradesh in every corner of the college, temple, residence, and several other of the numerous widespread traditional works of art, and everyone is doing this graceful including kids to adults there is no age. Sankranti is a gorgeous holiday observed by Andhra people all across the world. It is a worship of nature inspirational celebration, Muggulu designs for sankranthi supplement multiple happy colors to the entertainment.

  1. Sankranthi muggulu easy rangoli designs :- The Sankranti festival is a day of thanksgiving for all the pets and lives that helped to make the rice harvest so good, so all the Chukkala muggulu Sankranthi designs with dot 5* 5 that have symbols of the sun, cane, paddy leaves,turmeric and a pot of mango leaves are placed in the beside of the pot. Here is a beautiful form to satisfy that desire of rangoli kolam
sankranthi muggulu easy rangoli designs with dots

2. chukkala Sankranthi Muggulu Designs 2020 :- The Sankranti usually comes in the first month of the year 2020. Andhra school children and college students look for more forms due to participate in competition. Here is the latest chukkala muggulu for your competition Sankranthi muggulu with dots.

Some good information for you about this design :- total dots 17 * 6 dots then reduce one dot for every line, finally this pattern show four vilakku , four pot, and also some small decoration try it first at home then take this design to enter your contest area.

sankranthi muggulu designs 2020

3. south indian rangoli with dots for sankranthi pongal :- The common traditional Sankranthi designs and excellent special muggulu 2020 muggulu which has developed selvikathir with dot method. This pattern makes it more natural to present a try at in your beautiful home or rangoli designs for competition

sankranthi muggulu designs with dots

4. sankranthi chukkala muggulu designs :- The easy form begins linking the dots and creating a pot picture. You can also add cane and more objects according to the design you want. The design here is entirely based on the Rangoli for sankranti and the Pongal festival. You can fill color your taste happy Sankranthi!

sankranthi muggulu designs latest

5. Andhra muggulu with dots image with flowers sankranthi special muggulu

6. Sankranti decoration at home with this Beautiful chukkala picture

7. Muggulu rangoli design without dots for sankranthi :-

Andhra and Karnataka a farming state, there an important farmer festival is the Sankranthi. the south Telangana and Andhra houses will be furnished without dot rangoli, flowers, muggu lines, colors, simple and latest canes rangoli and Muggulu rangoli patterns at their step by step Big doors.

8. chukkala muggulu rangoli kolam designs with colors for new sankranthi 2020 muggulu designs

sankranthi chukkala muggulu designs

9. New muggulu designs with flowers and colors

10. Best small sankranthi muggulu designs photos have diya and lotus flower, the flower leaves colored by pink

11. Andhra traditional rangoli designs for sankaranthi simple

sankranthi muggulu designs download

12. Simple chukkala muggulu for festival sankranthi design with colours :-

13. rangoli designs for competition for sankranthi without dots image :- This Muugulu very very simple and small Sankranti pattern made with an artificial kolam stone dust, Though these designs do not make use of many objects such as sun, pot, flower, cane, and god the detailed patterns are enough to attract the every Sankranthi muggulu likers

rangoli designs for competition for sankranthi

Our best wishes to all and wish you good luck this Good Day. Hope all of these designs look like you. Send me your comments