9 Latest Sankranthi Muggulu With Dots Design 2020

We are giving simple ideas to create new forms of Rangolis with very simple shapes and steps. Pongal kolam friends have provided so many wonderful designs for you. All of these images are new and appropriate for the Sankranthi festival. The ideas given here have many patterns that mean easy kolam, small rangoli, big muggulu, and this year’s latest sankranthi muggulu with dots design. Thank you very much for our friend for providing us the most beautiful shapes that are relevant to our culture with easy points. Let’s start drawing and also We hope you find these designs very helpful and share your ideas about these Rangoli designs with our Art Team.

  1. Simple Muggulu With 7-1 dot for sankranthi 2020 :- Sankranti is one of the most famous festivals of Telugu and Kanata speaking people. People make simple and easy Sankranthi muggulu with dots Rangoli patterns in their homes and welcome god Sankranti. chukkala muggulu shapes are usually beautiful and since the chukkala muggulu are made by natural powder with different colors.
sankranthi muggulu with dots simple

2. This is a gorgeous Big Muggulu design with Dots. a flower and pot at its circle. The energetic shades used in this muggu give it extra charming. The Pongal or Sankranthi pot is painted using dual-line colors like white and red. Competitors can also rehearse with this Sankranthi muggulu with dots big.

Big sankranthi muggulu with dots

3. 2020 special sankranthi muggulu with dot :- This latest Rangoli muggulu has 17 dots, with connecting together pot and flower. This image is very very new from step by step explained by selvikathir. try this unique design and fill a beautiful color to the celebration.

2020 sankranthi muggulu with dots

4. Dot muggulu with step by step: The pot illustration for Sankranthi special the day and you fill the various colors. This dot muggulu design is really easy and simple for your hand.

step by step sankranthi muggulu with dots

5. This simple design is very very easy sankaranthi muggulu because of the rangoli dot muggulu has only four pot and four diya. fill best colours of red yellow and light blue.

sankranthi muggulu with dots easy

6. Sugarcane sankaranthi mugulu designs have 9 dots with mentioned object ie, sankaranti auspicious material of cane pot and flower and etc.

muggulu for sankranthi with dots

7. Sankarathi rangoli muggulu with dot for competition of festival, this muggulu is very easy for making one time you can practice on paper then you will try in contest we hope this design get first prize of sankaranti.

8. sankaranthi Happy muggulu with dots for sankranthi rangoli has happy text wishes sankaranthi and pongal wishes

9. Best sankarathi muggulu with dot images have best object this festival and you will download sankaranthi designs and try and try one or more time and get a new type of rangoli and add with variety of colors. Congratulations to all the friends who have made beautiful latest Muggulu designs with dot Rangoli which are very much loved by Telugu people