Special Sankranthi Rangoli designs | makar sankranti rangoli 2020

Sankranthi is associated with the harvest festival of farmers. Nevertheless, rangoli including a significant part of the house beautification seasonal celebration. During this time of the 2020 year, Telugu, Karnataka, Kerala people get their homes decorated to welcome of god. They decorate it with Sankranthi rangoli, muggulu, and other beautiful decoration objects of banana, cane, turmeric, neem, and mango leaves. Telugu people also make rangoli for Sankranthi to embrace natural sun god and Indira into their houses.

  1. The colorful corner 4 butterfly easy rangoli for sankranthi with sugarcane and a single pot.
easy rangoli for sankranthi festival designs

2. The sankranthi festival day will see many telugu houses decorated with sankranti special rangoli designs at the doorstep. Check out that beautiful Andhra latest muggulu Rangoli Sankranthi designs pot design here

sankranti special rangoli designs

3. Flowers fascinate us with their unique beauty and beautiful odors. so we draw this floral with pot designs, Look at the Sankranthi special rangoli painted in the form of this flower.

Sankranthi special rangoli

4. To be drawn before this simple rangoli designs for sankranthi worshiping God on the day of the good feast.

simple rangoli designs for sankranthi

5. harvest festival is always welcomed with the thanksgiving and worship of natural god sun and Indira. Here is a pretty Sankranti rangoli design 2020 created with the clay pot with sugarcane. The pattern is relevant for Sankranti and Pongal.

 Sankranti rangoli design 2020

6. This sankarnti Telugu muggulu offered to our farmers. this design has haldi kunku rangoli design, This style of Rangoli can be made outside the temple or home pooja room.

haldi kunku rangoli design

7. This simple and easy design is new and can be done outdoor place very useful for beginners. In this Rangoli for Sankaranthi 2020, the has a one big Telugu big size muggulu and beside one pot and around covered cane leaves,

8. The craft of creating rangoli kolam is energetic and entails a group of work. Still, this beautiful form will give you an elegant ideas to create a rangoli makar sankranti designs and create a new and colorful decoration residence.

rangoli makar sankranti

9. Sankara is observed in praise of Indira and Suriya. we keep Pongal or any festival with magnificent worship. Ere the sun rises, we put the Pangol pot front of the home then style it vilakku and agal vilakku in the center of the makar sankranti rangoli designing. Then every family members and children pray and thanksgiving to each natural. We invite every bird and animals and then give it to sweet Pongal.

makar sankranti rangoli designs

10. The pleasure of Sankranti is sugarcane Bitten. We see relatives and friends with sweet cane and pongal dish. Sankranti is the most famous festival celebrated in Telugu people. Thanksgiving is a pleasure that this holiday is frequent in a year . happy sankranti rangoli 2020.

sankranti rangoli 2019

11. Various Rangoli muggulu competitions are held in every place of southern region, offices but very popular this contest is village level and also orginate a small contest in school and college, organizations, which is an attempt to make sankranthi Rangolis popular among the younger generation. This rangoli is useful for that

rangoli designs for competition for sankranthi

12. simple sankranthi muggu with flowers and sun kolam designs

13. tamil and telugu easy pongal rangoli designs for every household image

14. kolam with pongal rangoli image paanai sankranthi

15. The pleasure of Sankranti is sugarcane Bitten. We see relatives and friends with sweet cane and snacks. Sankranti is the most famous festival celebrated in Telugu people. Thanksgiving is a pleasure that this holiday is frequent in a year with this makar sankranti special rangoli muggulu with dots.

makar sankranti special rangoli

16. Simple rangoli designs are composed using haldi kunku and lining them with shades. Gentlewomen strangely love to make muggu designs at their schools, colleges, offices, and homes. Most schools arrange for Sankranti. And I’m here posting fascinating of the leading rangoli patterns to help you obtain prize at these contests. These are easy, simple yet unique in their own.

haldi kunku rangoli design

18. The most modern rangoli decorations can be represented on paper then soil and then enhanced by women . Sankranthi is a four-day traditional summer celebration celebrated in tulugana. The Sankranthi haldi kunku special rangoli that are made as welcome the new season carnival.