simple kuthu vilakku kolam design with dots

The auspicious things kuthu vilakku used during festival celebration, marriages, etc. Whenever Tamils peoples start to do any good work, it is usual to light the lamp. it is an essential part of Tamil cultures. when creating veetu kuthu vilaku kolam, the flame makes your design more beautiful. If you are finding for simple vilakku kolam rangoli designs with dots and sikku, we have presented fascinating of the best design for your interest here

  1. simple veetu kuthu vilakku kolam design
simple kuthu vilakku kolam

the first beautiful simple kuthu vilakku kolam design represent to you simple dots with kambi forms and Place deepam at the beginning of design that give super look for your design, this kuthu vilakku have three lamp and also have total 22 dots.

2. easy tamil kuthu vilakku kolam with dots

kuthu vilakku kolam with dots

the great veetu kuthu vilakku kolam design have three vilakku together joined and give extra brightness for kolam viewers, the kolam rangoli design Make your pattern look comfortable. Create a design from simple colors and place the agal vilakku on below each side. The flower can also be put in the blank center place. Such a design would seem magnificent in the all days.

3. tamil kuthu vilakku sikku kolam design

easy kuthu vilakku kolam with sikku

sikku kuthu vilakku kolam is typical arc shapes using while creating kolams design, you can use dots them in different ways to produce it look charming and delightful. Use incredible and glorious easy colors and place the deepam above the design in such a way that gives more looks. This design very useful for karthigai month.

4. single kuthu vilakku kolam design with pulli

5. kuthu vilakku rankoli kambi kolam

You can make your kuthu vilakku kolam rangoli designs look different compared to your opposite designer by using dots instead of regular pattern shapes. Use colors such as pink and blue, green, etc. this vilakku rangoli seems very beautiful and has a very fantastic impression. You can simply create it.

6. pachai vilakku kuthu vilakku kolam rangoli

karthigai deepam kolam

Tamil veetu karthigai kolam rangolis are designed to invite the Goddess Laxmi and bring successful and much happiness. Rangolikolam designs with vilakku look beautiful and create a grand description for your lovely home. If you need your big size vilakku kolam with dots and also have sikku pattern, this amazing pattern very helpful to you .

important point about karthigai deepam agal villaku

The agal vilakku can be produced from silver or brass,Implement whit turmeric particles and(kunkumam) Vermilion on the top of the lamp. Using cotton threads. make the lamp ready, fill with sesame oil is best. a small jasmine flower to the base of the lamp, The lamp is kept in a plate so that oil does not spill over to the god room, Lamps are usually kept in east direction.