Simple pongal paanai rangoli kolam designs

The Tamil Pongal festival is a fabulous season of representing thanks to every animal and nature because always they are help to humans. All Tamil people believe that proverb ” Thai Piranthal vali Pirakkum”. This is auspicious the month of every good event. Hither are accessible easy Paanai rangoli Kolam ideas that one can pick from for furnishing your residences while the 2020 Pongal.

Simple and easy pongal pannai rangoli kolam designs

These magnificent kolam paanai designs have beautiful peacock to the Tamil Thai Thirunal ones but also combined colorful paint to it. The rice-paddy boiling Pongal kolam paanai is designed with the Karumbu on a separate edge.

best rangoli pongal paanai kolam designs with dots

check out Pongal pot kolam to be presented at the above a flower bird. Various colors do not need to make a kolam for the Pongal festival just see the above the designs for example. The simple and easy way to select the colors and spread over the design format then see that.

new pongal paanai kolam rangoli with flower

Pongal poo kolam with a beautiful paanai rangoli, this image has two-layer flower petals end of the corner section have a small deepam and center of the point mainly reflects the Pongal symbol.

new pongal kambi kolam rangoli designs

The kambi kolam wonderfully created with a simple paanai and the colors also too bright. It’s delightful to the visitor’s eyes. you can create this as your rangoli paanai pongal rangoli 2020 for competitions in Tamilnadu ,andhra, and Karnataka.

best pongal paanai rangoli designs kolangal 2020

The pongal festival important object is a turmeric plant and sugarcane and more type of vegetables. We also give one of the best paanai pongal kolam and paanai rangoli pot designs to recognize the kolam in the festivity. And the Mattu Pongal observance day add a bull pattern in the center of the rangoli providing cattle with kolam is also specify the mattu pongal.

A lovely rangoli with the very biggest pot but give the right sequence of color powder. It talks profoundly about the maker of this art. Here alternatively of a picture of the pot, real paanai sweetss, and turmeric plant is located on a flower composed kolam. The kolam is simple but symmetric, and colorful. It can also be used as a mattu pongal design. see more simple pongal paanai rangoli kolam.