simple pulli kolam designs image with color step dots

Hai every kolam designs liker we present in this post for latest rangoli design channel creator Ms Saranya , she is wonderful kolam artist since her designs very become differently compare to another designer, OK now let see this kolam images and everybody well know each of kolam have dots but here not appeared pulli transparently because practice it yourself. pulli mentioned below the kolam so you can find out the pulli then make your kolam with help of design.

easy and simple pulli kolam designs with dots

This is first flower simple kolam designs have 7 x 4 pulli you can draw a mentioned pulli then see the image steps and make your style pattern best of your drawing work. Once again we are thanks to saranya and also you will need more beautiful design kolam or rangoli visit her you tube channel LATEST RANGOLI DESIGN . let see the next pattern

simple mayil pulli kolam designs collection

The second easy mayil kolam designs ,if you guess how many pulli have used in this design by saranya? ok no problem i noted here answer is 5 X 3 pulli middle dots.

Third six flower rangoli kolam design 7 x 4 pulli middle dots

small pulli kolam designs

Fouth beautiful design have 5 x 3 pulli kolam different super model image.

best simple pulli kolam design with dot

Fifth kolam design is 5-3-3 pulli straight draw with the help of white color line. this rangoli pulli kolam have one or more villakku kolam and You can make use of different style karthigai pulli deepam to remake this design. This is one of the best and beautiful simple pulli kolam designs with deepam, which makes your festival karthigai or function more enjoyful.

9 x 5 pulli middle dots It is a small kolam but very cute design, and so it can be made in any part of the place be it in the center or in front of the your home entrance.

beautiful pulli kolam designs

The above kolam have 7 x 3 x 3 pulli straight dots you can like this design quickly try in your personnel kolam book and make extra beautiful and also add some vibrant simple color

once again look above best flower simple pulli kolangal image

5 x 3 x 3 pulli straight dot poo kolam is said to be auspicious. This kolam Rangoli design artificially decorated with color powder and leaves make a perfect combination of flower. you can even attractive this pulli kolam Rangoli design with put a diyas a center of the pattern. This is one of the best types of rangoli kolam designs which is very easy and simple for beginner home maker.