Simple Rangoli Kolam with Colours | Janani Sadasivam

Janani Sadasivam basically from Tamilnadu in India. A Easy Rangoli Kolam enthusiast from childhood. She fancies sketching and try a variety of designs. Rangoli style is principally to simple and very beautiful for every home step. I hope these designs give good ideas for our rangoli viewers and once again thanks to Ms. Janani provide these simple rangoli kolam with colours images. Develop creative skills by constantly trying different methods. you will be like to join our kolam XYZ group! If you are new to rangoli drawing, we encourage you to start Rangoli easy and publish your designs here very soon.

  1. color kolam rangoli for home steps,
simple rangoli kolam with colour

Everone love This design and super and simple peacock rangoli so easy to draw and make colorful, I would appreciate it if you could download and add this forms your phone gallery.

2. Two Peacock with a simple rangoli kolam designs

simple rangoli kolam with colours

3. beautiful and simple rangoli kolam designs with color

new simple rangoli kolam with colour

4. small and simple flower kolam color rangoli design

easy Rangoli Kolam with Colours

5. small and single peacock rangoli kolam with colours

Traditional Kolam Rangoli called various names in many places but the shape of the picture is the same in all areas. south Indian kolam very popular for home decoration. The above all simple rangoli kolam with colours is a common purpose and we announce very soon simple kolam rangoli without color.

Daily simple rangoli kolam with color design for drawing ideas. the specified design is great because it used various colors and has different designs and drawing circle design is easy due to it takes less time and puts the color very quickly.