Great Small Kolam Rangoli for 17 days

For your exhibition, I have collected the best welcome small kolam design and pictures for you. So if this design you want to draw at near your temple or any place then you can use these little images as a hint @ draw greater art Design. Since, For those who want to draw first-time small rangoli kolam on the door of your house, here is some small rangoli design without dot for seventeen days free. there are Given more shapes, which beautiful image do you like more, tell us about it mail chat through.

Little karthigai deepam model design

karthigai deepam

Mini Pooja Room kolam design:- The super pooja room design It can be simply created with color kolam particles. You can start by making the center oval shape and then drawing the side corner biz size flower leaves line inside and inside. When u view after made then you will see a modern small design image.

small pooja room

Short Daily use rangoli design with colour

daily use small kolam

Miniature Thursday Muggulu kolam

thursday small kolam

Edge kolam is really easy two corner bases apartment or flats and first, you identify where to start drawing. Here below see a small rangoli pattern looks very beautiful. This picture has used the white color line and not the point does not try always a very complex place.

small kolam for flats

Apartment type design small kolam

small apartment design

Different type modern design

modern type small design

Friday small kolam design

friday small kolam image

small line design

Small round line design

Simple kolam rangoli for beginners

small kolam for beginners

Tiny Iyer kolaam

small iyer kolam

Without dot rangoli design

without dot design

Beautiful design if like Download free of cost


very simple easy design if u like this kolam draw it your Muggulurangoli Book


Great Samll Kolam Rangoli image :- I have drawn some of the best and mini muggulu kolam. These are full for you to look, but to take ideas from this model small design, and then you can try and make them on your individual image.

small rangoli kolam

small colour kolam design