Small Kuruvi Kolam Designs | Birds Rangoli design

Birds may be of different sizes, small and big, Birds are closely connected with the atmosphere. Birds have beautiful wings and soft feathers. They eat vegetable fruits, seed and insects, birds are also called in tamil Kuruvi.

Easy birds kolam rangoli

birds on flowers kolam with dots

10 * 10 pulli birds muggulu with dots images small kuruvi kolam

birds kolam designs

kuruvi kolam Rangoli Designs

Birds :- Telugu Paksulu, kannada paksigalu and hindi Pakshi or pakshiyon Pa Birds are special kind of animal classes with certain special characteristics which are familiar in all of them. Beautiful Birds are some of the most marvelous creatures on earth. They can fly and go wherever they want to go and travel in the sky quickly. They are a significant part of the ecosystem, Birds have certain unique characteristics which separate them from other animals.

birds kolam designs with dots

easy birds on flowers kolam with dots

Kuruvi most in all areas, Birds are available. kuruvi is simple and small common birds. Normally, they are fond of grains and corns. They also eat some types of seeds and insect.

kuruvi is to live hut and houses. They are normally accustomed to living with a man. these are afraid animals of cats and dogs. kuruvi live in couples or groups.

easy birds rangoli designs

See More design of rangoli Birds video channel SV Kolangal and Below

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