Four little Star kolam sketch

The star or Constellation nearest to globe is the surya, We can see small and simple stars in the night sky when the surya bhagavan goes down. constellation give out warmness and also light because they are very heat. we make mini star kolangal today or friday, see below small four star images available for your kolam design.

star kolam small

star kolam

Rangoli draw a various type of pattern such as line, outline, and figure, the pulli combined to create a cute decorations. I hope this is the appearance form of little four shapes perfect for a newcomer. Advantage of color shape star makes its mark too extra attractive and elegant.

mini star kolam

The below a white star shapely one, built with applying the total thirteen pull only steps. you previously knowledgeable of it, it is actually simply a procedure where a line is taken as the directions and create a easy design.

easy star kolam

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