Super Kolam designs with dots images |Photos | pics

super Kolam is a form of divine art and illustrated by using artificial particle or natural particle. More skillful Kolam painted & shades are often figured when festival occasions and special day. below the easy level the computer design for your good work.

super kolam

first-class very very easy design with superb color combination orange,red and green, This is the most excellent form of the kolam art world.

super kolam design

The super design shows tip-top kolam with multi-color round. The kudam have been decorated with leaf patterns. The small circles inside can also be converted into small star flowers, if u like add extra dots placed in a round or any other design.

super kolam images

fabulous villakku kolam, I have given a unique design for grip the diya and flames have two different color

kolam super design

This outstanding design reflects the shape of the turtle, center place have little star, if you like, you will download this super image and rearrange the shape and color pattern

super rangoli kolam

super kolam images

Indian glorious rangoli sample simple wonderful design with the color mixture, this shape have five section and six triangle form and little green leaf

the superb rangoli kolam in this unique rangoli collection drawn at the entrance home or interior of the house, that also draws, likes any festivals event. The super floral kolam pattern at the center is very cute popular color pink catch everyone eye.

The rangoli kolam super with dots design painted with parallel edges, start with the mundru intersecting lines and around the kolam design from there drawing the flower and complete the design by connecting all the flowers with a single white line. The pattern is drawn inside the small flower rangoli add extra with single v shape design. however, that simple shape adds the picture more fantastic.

how to draw super kolam design, the following shape is trial of we can draw our creativity on the paper and makeup it. The kolam with star and petal pattern have given extra beautiful with green, orange color added in the space between the design.

the above super kolam picture reflect the pongal festival bhanai symbol, when you need this pics free download and rearrange the kolam also your imaginary for this coming pongal celebaration.