Easy Butterfly kolam designs with dots | Butterfly Rangoli Designs

Butterfly have two pairs of simple wings that covered with tiny scales, usually different brightly colored pattern, widely known insects, this post teach to make the easy butterfly rangoli, view below the images you well understand step by step guide for create butterfly draft, this page have two very simple kolam one 8 * 8 pulli / Dots butterfly sketch and next one 11 * 11 with dots, pulli pattern, i hope kolam butterfly with dots step by step lesson helpful for your draw sketch

Butterfly rangoli designs with dots

Butterfly kolam designs with dots

look below, the above butterfly design image create with dots eight / eight (8*8) , it easy pattern butterfly pulli pattern with color, i mentioned step by steps you draw rangoli smartly

butterfly pulli kolam

next one more sketch see stepwise kolam butterfly (तितली रंगोली)

butterfly rangolikolam

The above rangoli butterfly with dots consits of 11 * 11 pulli look below the same image with dots step by step

some interesting gk about buttefly

  1. smack with their feet, 2. do not have mouths, 3. Butterflies need sun to fly, 4. Butterflies fly during the day and also Find food in beautiful flowers, examble rose, jasmine, lotus and extra…