Design of Rangoli Peacock | Mayil Kolam

Peacock is one of the most wonders to see. Here you can see the mayil (peacock rangoli) kolam poduvathu eppadi, it simple download and practice your hand.

mayil kolam designs
peacock rangoli

peacock rangoli designs

mayil is a beautiful bird. mayil are real of art as its feather itself represents that. mayil is a symbol of beauty. peacock is our National Bird. let’s start we are drawing this design of rangoli peacock design, sure it is time to practice some of the peacock rangoli designs. Here in these two pages, we will provide 20 excellent small peacock rangoli designs that you can download and try your home.

small peacock rangoli

Mayil Kolam

rangoli peacock patterns

Mayil is our national bird. simple Peacock rangoli designs are very popular than other Kolam patterns. design of rangoli Peacock gives great look to your occasion.

we hope this blog post peacock ( mayil ) designs useful for your art work click and see more birds kolam below the button