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7 Pulli Kolangal with Dots

All residences are decorated with this beautiful kolam with dots design, Generally speaking, kolangal or pulli kolangal very popularly during special occasions of Friday and Tuesday. South Indian desire pulli Vacha kolam form because making it easy, Tamil kolangal a unique art which is followed all over Tamilnadu. There is various type of seven pulli kolam, especially, flower,kambi and rangoli decorations. All designs are used to create sharp pictures on the apartment grounds. Here is a group of Attractive seven dots Kolam pictures outline, which you can try at your beautiful hand.

7 pulli kolangal

The first 7 pulli kolam with dots and easy flower design for you, this image show you six bud and center place have small flower design and there outside have star neli line.

7 pulli kolam design

7 dots kolam with 6 pulli corner design image center point have double color shape with semi circle pattern.

kolangal 7 pulli

This simple 7 pulli kolam image gifted by Chandan and pandidurai from tamilnadu

7 pulli kolam collection

same the 7-1 dots kolangal but different shape reflect the flower bud with leaves.

The reason for using pulli (dots) is giving make it easy and appeared the design very cute. In these days white color powder is used for pulli this is easier to apply and the kolam are brighter great finished but we used pencil carbon dots for teaching the drawing this type of simple kolam.

7 dots kolam
7 pulli flower kolam

This muggulu designs with 7 dots kolam are suitable if you are seeing for festivities and events. The pulli Vacha kolam are shown through simple traditional vilakku figure.

7 * 7 kolam design

7 pulli 7 varisai kolangal with dots image reflect you pillar pattern this pulli kolam have yalu by yalu pulli vatcha easy kolangal, this design is very useful to pillayar Chaturthi pooja festival day.

Simple Kolam with 6 dots muggulu Design

There are many different types of Muggulu designs, which you can easily create, but follow the step by step example. Here are some of the best unique pulli shapes kolam with 6 dots points. The design is a beautiful sikku, kambi and Neli field painted with a different color with the dot. Begin from one pulli and stay without ending to the closing pulli.
Most women try to a notebook in free time draw the easy varisai kolam. They make easy and beautiful designs that take a lot of practice. So I have given these forms to make it easier for you to practice drawing.

6 dots kolam

the above design show to you 6* 6 varisai pulli with have four birds image and leaves shape.

sikku kolam with 6 dots

very simple 6 dots sikku kolam that you can create easily without any difficult.

flower kolam

6 pulli flower kolam let’s try your idea and trick at this marvelous flower kolam rangoli design that contains only 6 dots. There are so many types of rangoli designs that you can make easily, best of luck today morning for your artwork.

six pulli kambi kolam

6 dots kolam
6 pulli kolam

simple 6 pulli kolam picture

6 pulli kambi kolam

The shape of the points is created to facilitate the creation of the kambi kolam is a type of rangoli that is made using dots. Ordinarily, this kolam varisai created from 6. So in all muggulu consists of pulli and lines, sliders to produce a wonderful model.

6 dots Muggulu
kolam with 6 dots

This form has the fundamental decorations of flowers and leaves in the 6 * 6 dot line. The Muggulu is drawing used by Andhra people to make their doors see fine. Using this simple and lines you can create an excellent photo. Following this design is for freshmen the patterns are put easy But you can add on to the design and create your very own unique kambi.

pongal kolam

6 pulli 6 varisai kolam dots pongal kolam with panai image attach beautiful peacock and sugarcane

5 Pulli Kolam with sikku, Kambi design

Why dot kolam is so much preferred because that dots teaches to step by step guide for new kolam designer and also very easy with simple for each one special for women and child. pulli kolam collection is the easiest of the design that can be done very quickly. The kolam design is usually started with the first points from the joint to the endpoints continuously, we can also show five- five varisai kolam design that joins several pulli and complete full image. Try all of this kolangal gifted by Tamil best of luck.

Let see First four kolam with dots represent:- 5 1 pulli kolam

5 dots kolam design
5 1 pulli kolam
simple kolam with 5 dots

the above all picture to start from the first dot and continue without stopping to the end dot. This creates a continuous line and gives to the perfect muggulu design.

Second newcomers 5 pulli sikku kolam :-

sikku kolam
sikku kolangal

Sikku one of the easy models is also a form of cute pattern. The main feature of sikku kolam designs is that the viewer cannot determine the origin but we give biz size dots with a line. The designs are usually the first draw in workbook then try out your house, use artificial or natural powder. The pulli represent an important part in shaping this kolangal design for beginners.

Five dots kambi kolam

Kolam is cute of art that most like south Indian, Tamil Kerala Telugu, and Karnataka women make right at the early morning time. I learned this kambi design art from my friend Selvi.

kambi kolam
kambi kolangal
line kolam

Fourth 5 dots kolam vidio:- see below the video represent to you bird with flower design since that show five pulli ,if you need more five dots kolam video go to watch SV Kolangal channel, it have lot of beautiful and natural hand made sikku, kambi kolam collection

Fifth 5 pulli kolangal :-

lower design

Six 5 pulli kolam tamil :- The Tamil language is spoken in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. It is also an official language in SriLanka ,

5 pulli kolam tamil
tamil kolam

Seven Simple 5 pulli 5 varisai kolam tamil :- below see the easy design of five dots five rangoli kolangal with dots collection with step by step pulli joints, The images can be created with only black particles for daily use and they can be decorated with various colors for Friday and Monday. Analyze, the methods utilizing the simple flower or bird dot rangoli to create beautiful Tamil kolam.

5 pulli 5 varisai kolam
birds kolam
 flower kolam

If you like our work, please send us your beautiful feedback and once more thanks to sv kolangal.