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Margali Tamil Pulli rangoli Kolangal designs

Tamil Margali is considered to be a holy month in southern India. It is special month for the Hindu people, It includes many festivals and events. totally margali is considered to be a godly month. The devotees get up early in the morning and after bathe, go to front of their home and sketch the kolagal design.

rangoli kolangal designs
fancy rangoli kolangal designs

Rangoli Kolangal

super new model kolangal small line
nelivu rangoli kolangal designs
drawing kolangal

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New rangoli kolangal design |Prema sathiyan

Kolangal also known as mugulu or Rangoli, is a fancy home design, which is an integral part of Indian state of tamilnadu, kerala, karnataka . It is a cute art work, It is a symbol of loveliness and offers a welcome . this kolangal design Everyday is drawn by women in the house below see 5 new rangoli kolangal drawing this pattern by Prem Sathiyan Babu

new flowers kolangal
rangoli design kolangal

Simple new Kolangal Images

beautiful rangoli kolangal
super rangoli kolangal
latest rangoli kolangal

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