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Agal vilakku rangoli kolam for friday

Agal vilakku kolam rangoli:-

Our ancestors used soil lighting in a natural way. today we have utilized a different type of lighting system because of increasing technology. and also till date we do not forget draw lamp rangoli, this design has an important role in the festival time since Diwali festival and karthigai month, carnival diwali lamp is a very significant mark and also a karthigai festival

Rangoli Diya design
without the light, our days would be totally separate than it is now. how many times do you draw a lamp kolam? Do you think about how your life would be without a lamp?
We’ve provided lamp patterns in different shapes to make it easier for you. it is very useful for all days particular for any festival celebration

Diya Rangoli
the light is used in practically every house, mall, business place, college. the light shines our home, village, cities and allows us to do quickly normal activities, I give light kolam design for brighten your home floor

easy karthigai vilakku rangoli kolam

agal vilakku , diya , lamp is same meaning but different language diya hindi word, this content include one or more vilakku designs rangoli single diya and multi diya pattern, it is very useful for your rangoli diya art work if you like share and comment about this design

browse the below see more different designs of kolam and pattern of rangoli presents for your beautiful eye views and follow the our site and send your cute photo of rangoli for all rangoli viewers, thank you for visit kolam.xyz.

The vilakku or kuthuvilakku has its own special place in a Hindu house. It is a form and a symbol of life, the light leads us from night towards the light. It burns only to give a message of peace and light to the man.

simple Karthigai Vilakku Kolam designs

this model vilakku kolam design useful for every woman in the during Karthigai celebration and auspicious Friday.

vilakku kolam
four lamp corner easy vilakku kolam

I share free download easy design of rangoli with the Karthikai festival vilakku rangoli kolam with four deepam designs, six lamp design, single diya pattern,three diya design model .

easy vilakku rangoli

two lotus flower design attach with single lamp light and below the pics have flower petals symbols, this style kolam very useful for any auspicious event and particular for Friday and Monday.

deepam kolam

This beautiful pattern have six light kolam with single flower and outer line design,this form make with white color powder and sandal flour with kunkumam

villakku kolam designs

three face easy vilakku rangoli design with single different flower leaves style and the leaves end show round shape with outline dots this very very easy kolam for anyone.