simple white kolam designs

The white Kolam designs Specify purity, honesty, wholeness, and fulfillment. White Rangoli color design is wholly reflective, Open exposure, increase, and inspiration. White color creates the order and performance If your favorite color is white, Try this simple white Rangoli Kolam design.  White is clean and helps us to reduce stress
simple white rangoli designs
white kolam designs
simple white kolam designs
plain rangoli kolam images

the white kolam stone powder to finish it for the line end. The white color would give it a more different appearance.
white kolam rangoli

The easy white rangoli are the designs for little purpose daily events. women can design it for their interest. These beautiful white kolam designs are delightful your home floor.
plain  rangoli designs

this beautiful white pattern has multiple shape format, first star than semi-star, connect with them line circle half round, intersect each shape between new circle.

white kolam design

four segment kolam design have four round circle with semi color cone symbol.

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